How to Plan a Home Renovation

Renovating Your Home Requires Careful Planning

We have all seen home renovations that have gone awry. They are usually the result of planning that was not done properly and that did not take into account unforeseen complications and problems. Before you start renovating your home, you need to lay out a very detailed plan that covers all contingencies – or at least all of the ones you can think of while making the plan. Here are five things you need to really consider and plan for before you start your renovation project.

– Sit down and make a realistic budget, calculating how much you have to spend on your home project.

The biggest problem people run into when renovating their homes is going over budget. If you set yourself a strict spending limit and stay within it, you should be all right.

– Talk to your city council to see if you need building permits or if there are any regulations. If you have a historic home, there is great likelihood that you will need approval from the city council to do any kind of external renovation.

– Hire a contractor who knows their job well and has done home renovations. Make sure you talk to a few remodeling contractors in order to get the best job within your budget. Set your start and completion date to their schedule so that you know they will be focusing on your home. Additionally, make sure they offer a guarantee on all of their work.

– Choose the products you want installed in your home as well as your color schemes.

You want your renovation to be done to suit your tastes. Measure areas like the bathroom and kitchen before you go and purchase the new building materials for your home. Make sure you order them well ahead of time so that they are already there when you contractor comes to do the job. You may want to discuss with your contractor the items you want placed in your home. They may be able to provide you with some additional options.

– If the renovation is extensive, have a professional drawn up a detailed plan for you.

Detailed plans of the work you wish to have done will help the contractor doing the work proceed in an orderly fashion. Plans also help you visualize the renovation and give you a way to track the progress. Alternatively, you can use a home renovation computer program yourself to draw up your renovation schedule.

If you keep these five tips in mind when you start working on your home renovation, you will find that it will progress much smoother than you expected, and should keep you within the budget you planned to spend.

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