Why the Green Revolution Cannot Solve Our Environmental Crisis

Every day proponents of green living are working hard to educate the public about the environmental impact of traditional products, to raise awareness about polluting production practices, to demand more eco-friendly alternatives to consumer goods, etc. And guess what? The collective need for greener products and practices has sparked a marvelous transformation: today it is possible to purchase an eco-friendly alternative to an ever expanding variety of products across all industries: energy efficient cars, organic food, eco-friendly fashion, solar energy, green beauty products, eco-friendly toys and diapers, green construction and building materials, etc. We even have eco-friendly sex toys! This list is almost endless and new products come on the market every day.


What is truly remarkable and admirable about this Green Revolution, is that in the true spirit of revolution it became possible and continues to make an impact because “we the people” collectively became outraged, demanded change and we got it! Many brands and companies that we love revised their production standards, created new “green” products, and a multitude of new environmentally responsible companies were born, winning our hearts, minds and access to our wallets. According to Newsweek’s Green Companies of 2012 Report, some of these companies are: the Home Depot, Sony, Samsung, Volkswagen, Walt Disney, Costco, Whole Foods, and many more.
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