The Benefits of rolled steel joists for building a Roof or a Loft conversion

The foundation supports of any roof or loft conversion are centered on rolled steel joists. These steel beams are used to support the construction, making it essential to source your RSJ from a reputable and professional steel stockholder such as Process Steel Ltd – a Steel Stockholders in West Bromwich whose RSJ beams can be manufactured to a range of required dimensions depending on the specific structure of the building that they are intended to support. The joists can be accurately fabricated, drilled and painted to your needs.

In a time when adding extra space to your property dramatically increases its value, a loft conversion is often the ideal solution, whether it’s for an extra bedroom, a gym, an office or a study. When it comes to selling the house this could increase the value by up to 20%.

Lofts and attics are often not utilised to their full potential, this space can make up almost 25% of the property, a large area not to inhabit. Most Lofts can be converted; the only requirement is a ridge height in your loft of around 2 meters.

With the average loft conversion only taking around 6/7 weeks, and most of the being done in the attic itself, isolate from the rest of the house, there would be very little disruption to your home life.

Loft conversions can be applied to practically all properties including terrace and detached houses. As one of the most popular types of home improvements, there are many builders who offer a service that will transform your empty attic space into a functional living space. However it is possible to do a DIY conversion, installing your own staircase, windows and installation. Although it is advisable to get a professional to ensure that the conversion is structurally safe and meets building and safety regulations.


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