How to build a Fire Pit in Your Yard

If you have spare bricks or some good sized rocks laying around your yard, then you have the perfect material already available to build your fire pit. If you don’t, you can easily purchase fieldstone at your local DIY store, or you can go out into the woods and find some for free. If you prefer to use bricks, you can purchase them at your local hardware store.

Before you start building your fire pit, speak with someone in your local fire department regarding any city ordinances or fire codes that you need to follow when building and using your fire pit. Then, choose a nice spot in your backyard that is clear of any buildings, trees, bushes and your everyday backyard traffic. Mark out where you want to build your fire pit, the size of the pit, and then dig it out. You want to make the pit deep enough so that when you have a fire built and blazing within the pit, the flames will not shoot out above the pit’s rim. Once you have dug the pit, line it with the fieldstone or bricks.

How to build Fire Pit DIY

If you are unsure how big your fire pit should be, go to your local hardware store and see if they sell large round grill plates. This is the surface you grill your food on with a traditional barbecue. You may need to order one from a specialty fireplace store. This can act as an estimate for the size of your pit, as well as provide you with a surface you can grill on. You will also need a cover for your pit. This will help keep your fire pit free from debris and ready to use at all times.

While some people are willing to simply use their imagination to build their fire pits, the less adventurous can purchase a kit that provides all the materials they need to build it. These kits typically also include a cover, as well as a grill surface.

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