Green Solar Resources

Green construction, alternative energy and renewable fuels / hybrid cars resources:

Below you will find a carefully selected list of green building, solar, wind, geothermal and other renewable energy resources. Although we pay special attention to the content of these websites, when adding them to our list, we do not monitor their content on a regular basis. – Offers free tools to help you calculate the return on investment for solar panels. Also a provides a nice “Suitability Checker” to check the site for installation viability.

Green Jobs Ready – green job listings in US and Europe, displaying current positions in renewable energy, solar photovoltaic companies, wind turbine builders and installers, Bio-Diesel / Ethanol and other green fuels alternative energy professions. – Visit Clean Energy Ideas for useful information on geothermal energy, and how we can turn this into electricity or heating systems. – Sash Windows provide sash windows draught proofing, installation, repair and replacements it the UK.

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