Green Remodeling and Home Improvement Ideas

In 2009 and 2010, the United States government stimulus and recovery bill has made it possible for the homeowners to earn up to $1500 per year for green and energy efficient home improvements. In addition to governmental green building tax credits, many states and municipalities offer green building incentives for energy efficient upgrades and improvements.

This is very significant from the economic, environmental, and ecological perspectives. So since the government has stepped forward to reward and encourage homeowners to take advantage of green building incentives, why not take advantage of the economic recovery act and make your home greener as well as make a positive environmental impact.

Top 10 green remodeling and home improvements:

Energy efficient insulation – installing energy efficient insulation can have the greatest environmental impact and increase energy efficiency of your home by as much as 50%. This is especially true of older homes that usually do not have sufficient insulation. I recommend using energy star rated insulation products to properly insulate your walls, attic space, and ceilings. There are breathable insulation products that provide energy efficient insulation, and allow your home to breeze. This helps to prevent rotting, and keeps your home cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter.

Energy efficient windows – by installing energy efficient windows you can further reduce your heating and cooling costs. Energy efficient windows are designed to allow the sun to warm up your room in the winter, and keep the warm air from escaping. In the summer, energy efficient windows help keep your room cooler and reduce the air conditioning load.

Energy efficient vinyl siding and Metal Wall Panels – combined with energy efficient insulation energy efficient vinyl siding can further increase the degree of energy efficiency of your home, and provide aesthetics and beauty for your home. Another option is to install metal wall panels instead of siding. Metal wall panels provide excellent energy efficiency and style.

Energy efficient roof – installation of an energy efficient roofing system can take your home’s energy efficiency to yet another level. I recommend installing a cool-roof an energy star rated metal roof that reflects solar radiant heat, which keeps your home cooler, increases the value of your home, and can help with ice dam prevention in the winter. Modern metal roofs are coated with solar reflective metal roofing colors designed specifically for attaining cool-roof properties, which translates into energy savings and greener environment. Metal offers many advantages over conventional roofing materials, you can learn a lot more about metal roofing pros and cons to see the whole specter of benefits metal roofs have to offer.

Solar roofing panels Рyou can really reach for the sky and integrate solar panels with your new energy efficient roof. There are options including solar roofing shingle, solar roofing panels that attach to the metal roofing panels, and peel and stick thin film photovoltaic solar panels that easily adhere to standing-seam metal roofs. Many solar roofing systems will pay for themselves in 7 to 10 years. Moreover, many states offer additional rebates to homeowners who choose to install solar panels.

Led lighting – by upgrading your conventional incandescent bulbs, and fluorescent lights, to ultra long lasting and energy efficient light emitting diodes, you can realize additional energy savings and get the LED lighting system that can last for a very long time without requiring replacements of the bulbs.

Energy star rated appliances – you can realize additional energy savings by upgrading your appliances such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, dryers to energy star rated ones. By doing so, you can reduce your energy bills, and contribute towards cleaner environment.

Green flooring – this upgrade will not provide any additional energy savings, but if you consider replacing your floors; you can choose to install a green floor and products such as Bamboo flooring, or you can opt for sustainable flooring products made locally.

Upgrading your home with energy efficient improvements, and remodeling in sustainable way shows your commitment to yourself, your home, your community, and the environment. Good luck with your remodeling projects and keep green in mind!

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