Flat Roof System to Replace EPDM Rubber Roof

Let’s take a look at a common problem of a leaky EPDM rubber roof that many homeowners with lower sloped roofs struggle with. The lower sloped and flat roofs represent a weak link in residential construction, where these roofs often under-perform, or fail prematurely due to improper installation techniques and the use of less than adequate flat roofing materials. Generally speaking, having a flat roof on a residential home is not a very common. However, just because they are uncommon, does not mean they are not expected to perform at least as well as their sloped counterparts. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

It’s unfortunate that flat roofs are prone to leaks due to their design. In addition to this inherent disadvantage, homeowners often become victims of contractors who are not qualified to install flat roofs. This typically happens to homeowners looking for a bargain, as they tend to overlook quality considerations in favor of lower roofing costs. When the price becomes a major determining factor, the quality of the installation is often neglected, and as a result the final product is less than adequate.


Common roofing industry practice shows that flat roofs which require a complete replacement due to their age often get installed improperly. This happens because a flat roof, which requires a specialized installation, often gets installed by conventional asphalt shingle roofers who rarely get to do this type of work. This leads to installation errors due to lack of knowledge and inexperience with flat roof installation methods and techniques. Another problem is that an EPDM rubber roof often tends to fail prematurely at the seams. The seams are held in place by glue that can fail due to standing water, age, and temperature fluctuations. Thus, EPDM flat roofing system is inherently impermanent and tends to fail rather soon. The rate of failure of EPDM rubber membranes and their inherent energy inefficiency make it a poor roofing choice from the ecological, economical, and consumer perspective.

PVC based cool flat roofing membranes can provide an ecological, economical, and environmentally friendly long lasting roofing solution. IB roof systems, which stands for “industry’s best”, is just one of the many PVC membrane manufacturers that offer a residential flat roofing solution backed by a lifetime warranty. An IB membrane reflects 95% of solar radiant heat, which helps reduce energy costs and keeps the building and its occupants cool and comfortable. The cool roof reduces the air conditioning load, which is especially significant during peak hours, and it helps combat the heat island affect. The seams of an IB flat roofing system are hot air welded, forming a permanent bond between the seams. This bond is so strong that it can never come apart even if there is standing / refreezing water on the roof. An IB flat roofing system carries a lifetime residential warranty provided by the manufacturer. It fully solves problems associated with premature leaks, while providing energy savings and a long service life that outperforms any other flat roofing system.



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