Green Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Keeping your bathroom green means cutting back on water. But it’s not as hard as it sounds. Saving water doesn’t require “navy showers,” where a person turns the water off while sudsing up, and then briefly back on again to rinse. It doesn’t require skipping the toilet flushing for every third person, either.

Sometimes all it means is installing a high-efficiency toilet. A traditional toilet will use thousands of gallons more water, over one year, than a high-efficiency toilet.

Green Toilet

Don’t flush your money down the drain, literally! A toilet alone can use up to 27 percent of the entire household’s water usage, according to the EPA.

If your home was built before 1994, chances are your bathroom fixtures aren’t saving you any money. New designs are required, by federal standards, to use less water. Replacing your toilets, showerheads, and faucets with low-flow models will save you money automatically, even if you don’t limit your use of the appliances themselves.

The newest kind of green toilet has a dual-flush mechanism, which uses one small flush when only a tiny amount of water is needed, and a second flush with more water when it’s needed.

Separate shower stalls can also save money, rather than the tub-shower combination. Running a bath, according to the EPA, can use seven times the energy as hopping in the shower. If your shower is separate, you won’t be tempted to have a seat and whip out the bubble bath.

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Bathroom Improvement Ideas

Your bathroom is probably one of the most overlooked rooms in your home in terms of areas that could be decorated in some great ways. Most homeowners gravitate towards kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms before all else, leaving in the dust the importance of bathrooms.

The main reason for decorating the bathroom is usually to enhance the aesthetic and practical value, as well as to redefine the visual style, feel and comfort of your bathroom.

Modern Bathrooms have become much more than an average basic facility, and have truly become the home of various designs, accessories, and visual styles. It is important not to get over-invested and overwhelmed when taking on such a big task.

When remodeling your bathroom, it is important to get the exact look that you want on paper. This can be established by attending bathroom showrooms, viewing photos over the Internet, or by admiring designs of bathrooms of people you know.

You will want to have a pretty clear idea of where you want to start and the look that you want to achieve in the end. Replacing bathroom fixtures and vanities, faucets and sinks can be an easy way to upgrade your bathroom’s look.

To make your bathroom a more enjoyable place than a typical shower / teeth brushing, you may consider installing an indoor Jacuzzi or outdoor hot tub, for when there is not enough room in the bathroom itself.

If you would like to take on a major bathroom remodeling project, then you may have to hire a professional plumber, and a bathroom remodeling company so that you can develop a practical and effective plan to get your bathroom to look the best way possible.

Easy Bathroom Decor Ideas

Mix up the metals that you choose to use. Do not settle for materials that are familiar to you that you feel will be safe in terms of appeal – this means porcelain or stainless steel. Instead, look for metals that are not so familiar. Think outside the box. Think platinum, think copper, nickel, or chrome. This makes a unique bathroom.

Even if you do have a budget, which you most likely will, make sure that the items you use are top quality. This way you will be investing into durable items that will last a log time, thereby preventing having to deal with breakage issues in the future. Add aromatherapy salts and candles to give your bathroom a relaxed aroma. Purchase tub and/or shower curtains that coordinate with the rest of the bathroom’s décor. Anything else can look ghastly.

As for some of what not to do when looking to make a change with your bathroom, do not cut corners. Make sure that you are equipped with the correct advice, and implement ideas based on that advice. At the end of the day, cutting corners can lead to you spending more than you have to.

If you have never installed any type of equipment, like a faucet or a showerhead, hire a professional home improvement contractor instead of doing it on your own. This can lead the installed item susceptible to breakage. Do not make spontaneous purchases. Shop around and compare prices. The number one thing that you should not do is over decorate. Some people feel that when starting from scratch, they must overcompensate. Simply put, don’t. You might regret it later.